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To Whom It May Concern: Re: Mike Muranetz CD, Re/Max Real Estate It's in the tough times when people really show you what they're made of. In the real estate business particularly in a slow market you need hard working, disciplined tenacious professional realtor with a willingness to access a multitude of different options including Staging, Talking House, and Open Houses among other things - whatever...
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On behalf of our Headquarters Company, I wish to express my sincere appreciation for your generous donations to the soldiers of the Third Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, for our annual Christmas Party held on 5 December 2008. With our troops having undergone another busy year, including a deployment to Afghanistan, the Christmas party was a great opportunity for our soldiers...

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What to Take With You When Edmonton Home Shopping


You will want to make the process of shopping for an Edmonton home as productive and enjoyable as possible. After all, you'll be on a quest to find your next dream home. That's why it's important to take the right items with you:

• Digital camera, so you can take pictures of the features you like in the properties you see. Note, you can only take these photos of the outside unless you have permission from the home owner for those interior pictures.
Notepad on clipboard used for shopping for Edmonton homes image• Notepad, so you can take detailed notes. A clipboard is also useful if you have property feature sheets to write on.
• Measurements of your largest pieces of furniture, so you can confirm they'll fit in the rooms of properties you like. Important for those large bedroom suites, sectional couch or even the height of your monster truck (will it fit into the garage?).
• Measuring tape to check those measurements.
Some healthy snacks and beverages, (especially important if you're taking the kids along). Bottled water should be on this list.
Map of the area, so you can check out local parks and other neighbourhood features.
Clear driving directions to each of the properties you want to see. A GPS could Chequebook used for deposit for offer on Edmonton proprty for sale imagebe useful, too.

• Your cheque book. If you find your perfect home, you want to write an offer before someone else snaps it up.

One of the best ways to shop for a home, and actually enjoy the experience, is to work with a great REALTOR® like me. Give me a call 780-242-5229 or reach out through my contact page and we can go over the buying process to get you moving into your dream home.

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Top 12 Things to Pack Last

Its time to pack up your rental apartment and move to your new Edmonton home. Here's a helpful list of 12 items to pack last and keep handy (a.k.a. they're the things you'll need to get to first and frequently)

  1. Extension cords, batteries, everything's electric these days it seems. Computers, CD players, smart phone, all those little gizmos you just can't seem to live without. So it just makes sense to keep that extension cord or pack of new batteries right on top within reach.Edmonton packing boxes to move into your new home image
  2. Tools. We're talking hammers and screwdrivers, nails & screws, scotch tape, duct tape and especially a tape measure. A good multi tool wouldn't hurt, either.
  3. Dehydration is a sneaky beast, so be prepared. A bottle opener and glasses. Thirst always seems to come first, particularly if you have to lug that stuff around. Make sure you have enough for your moving crew, too!
  4. Snack, pizza or fast food coupons. You're going to work up a hunger so think about treating yourself to a quick bite or a night out to your favourite fast food joint. Again, make sure you have enough for the moving crew/friends!
  5. Address book or important contacts on your smartphone. Keep those important telephone numbers handy.
  6. Cell phone or regular landline telephone to plug in - put these within easy reach. There's is always potential for an emergency call.
  7. Sufficient cash. If you are opening a new bank account, you may have to wait for your first check to clear. Traveller's checks wouldn't hurt, either.
  8. Copy of your lease & personal ID such as driver's license. Speaking of banking, if you are starting a new checking account (or applying for utilities service), you'll need proof of your new address.
  9. Cleaning materials. Paper towels, broom & dustpan, mop, bucket, garbage bags, etc. Accidents do happen. Oh yes, don't forget some toilet paper, soap & hand towel.Alarm clock to wake you up for work in your new Edmonton job image
  10. Light bulbs, a small lamp (perhaps a flashlight). It may be dark when you move in.
  11. Alarm clock. You don't want to miss your first day of work, do you?
  12. Box cutter. Don't pack that tool as it's the first thing you need to open your boxes.

If you can add anything to this list, please let me know thru my contact page.

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Thinking of Moving? Two Things You Need to Know

If you're thinking of making a move within the next 3-6 months, there are two important things you need to know.

The first is the market value of your current property. Thinking of moving? Here is your Edmonton moving vanThat's the amount your home will likely sell for on today's Edmonton market. When you know its market value, you'll have a better idea of how much money will be available to invest in a new home.

The second is an overview of what's available on the market. Which of the homes currently available for sale meet your criteria with respect to type of home, special features (such as a big kitchen or garage), neighborhood, etc? How much are these homes selling for?

With those two pieces of information, you'll be able to make a better decision.
I can get that information for you. Let me help by first calling me direct 780-242-5229 or thru my contact page. We can set up a time to mutually go thru the details including different scenarios. I look forward to your call.

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10 Benefits of Selling Your Home During Christmas Holidays

Selling your Edmonton home during ChristmasIt's the most wonderful time of the year… to sell a house? There’s always that question whether or not you should keep your house on the market for Christmas holidays. You figure potential home buyers will be preoccupied with buying gifts, planning parties, cooking meals and visiting relatives; the last thing on their mind is searching for and buying a new home, right? For this very reason, many sellers choose to temporarily remove their home from the market, then wait until the new year to relist.

Before you hold off on listing your Edmonton home until the new year, consider these 10 benefits of selling your home during the Christmas holidays with Mike, such as:

  • 1. Many home sellers either hold off from selling or take a break from selling during the holidays. Inevitably, the number of listings on the market drop down, which means less competition for your home. With less competition, you could potentially sell your home faster & for more money (cha-ching!). Once the market comes back up in the spring time, a lot of sellers will list their homes all at once for lower prices, which may drive the whole market down. You become lost in the shuffle.
  • 2. Home buyers are generally the most motivated during the holiday season, greatly aiding sellers. Although there will be less buyers looking at homes this time of year, the buyers who do look are more serious about closing. While the traffic is down, the buyers who are out there — when it’s snowing and dark at 4:45 p.m. — they’re not just poking around for the fun of it as they’re wanting to buy a house.
  • 3. Looking back on statistics, interest rates tendEdmonton candy house for sale to drop the most at the end of the year (right now, they are super stable). If we look historically at interest rates, cyclically we’ve seen drops every December through January. While rates are now at all-time lows, they have to come up sometime but it won’t be during the holidays.
  • 4. Many people purposely choose to purchase a home before the new year to receive tax write offs. Buyers who close before the end of the year could be eligible for tax credits, such as deductions for home mortgage interest, real estate taxes, lawyer's fees & first time home buyers benefits.
  • 5. Large companies normally transfer employees in January. Those relocating usually need to buy a house right away and simply cannot wait. These are very motivated buyers!
  • 6. In the winter months, homes typically show better. The decorations, smell of cookies baking, and a roaring fireplace all give your home a “warm and cozy” feeling. Just make sure you don’t cover up your homes best features with too much holiday decor. Stick to tasteful and simple decorations and learn proper staging techniques for the holidays.
  • 7. Many companies give their employees time off work for the holiday season, which means potential buyers have more time for showings.
  • 8. While all the malls and retail stores may be packed, lenders and lawyers aren’t as busy and can process mortgages faster. November and December are historically slower months in the mortgage business, so things get done faster.
  • 9. Most become so consumed in buying gifts for their friends and family, they completely overlook the holiday sales and Frosty must sell his Edmonton house by springspecials on home appliances & hardware. Remodeling, decorating, appliance install and other home services become more available and at cost less.
  • 10. Late spring and summer are usually thought of as best times to put a home on the market because buyer demand builds steadily through spring. If you sell in the winter,  you’ll have your pick of tons of houses for sale in the spring time.

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean the whole housing market comes to a freeze during the holidays! Buyers.. start a new year in a new home!

If you are thinking about selling your home during the Christmas holidays, please call Mike 780-242-5229 or thru his contact page. Ask & he will even bring over the eggnog!

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