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Scott H. & Rita W.
When I was ready and decided it was time to sell my home and upgrade to a new one, I immediately thought of and called upon Mike.  He is a real estate agent who really knows how to assist clients, and identify their needs in buying and selling a home.  He continually strives to stay informed of real estate and market changes. He fully understand the tools of the industry to buy and sell a...
Kari R.
A huge thank you to Mike and Audrey for all their hard work in the selling of my home.  Their great advice on what I needed to do prior to listing my property and the excellent communication day to day with me, really made what I thought was going to be a total nightmare, end up being a total breeze!  I found both Mike and Audrey very easy to get along with, extremely knowledgeable and very...

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Alberta is Looking to Change Condominium Property Act

The province of Alberta is looking to getEdmonton condo building image your opinion on some changes to the Condominium Property Act. Whether you're an owner, property manager or a board member, the province wants to hear your voice. 


Minister of Service Alberta Manmeet Bhullar says one of the many changes they want to make, is through how people file complaints. "We can better dispute resolution processes. So instead of a condo owner having to take their condo board to court over a $600 issue. Maybe there's a better way to deal with that."  Bhullar says the act hasn't been changed in "a number of years."  Bhullar adds when some owners want financial records of the condominium associations, it would cost them 11 hundred dollars and "that needs to change." (no kidding)

Having sold multiple condos in my 8 year REALTOR® career, getting condo docs has always been a challenge. I'm always astonished what the management company charges as well as their timeline to get all documents (including financial statements) and realized every management company is different. Still, seeing the sellers pay up to $350 for documents has always concerned me. Hopefully, once all data has been tabulated, there will be some positive changes. If anyone wants their say for a change to the Condominium Act, I really encourage you to contribute by going to this survey.

What changes do you want to see?


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