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Vacant Homes & Absentee Sellers

Selling Edmonton homes as an absentee seller does not have to be as complex as you might imagine. Whether your Edmonton & area home is vacant or tenant occupied, if the time has come to sell, would it help you to know as your Edmonton REALTOR®, I have plenty experience selling vacant Edmonton homes on behalf of absentee owners.

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I understand you might have moved out of province, or even out of country and the thought of returning just to take care of a property sale fills you with dread. It can be a costly exercise, traveling back on numerous occasions, let alone the time to do so. Absentee Edmonton sellers needing to sell their vacant home imageWhy waste your time when I can handle it for you?

The advent of email and digital signatures takes care of communication and contracts. I can list your home right away as that's needed are keys and good old fashioned snail mail can take of that or overnight express Fedex or UPS to my office. Even lawyer's documents can be signed remotely, as long as you can find a lawyer/notary locally to witness your signatures, get them back in time for your closing, you'll never need to come to Edmonton again.

Furniture, cars, cleaning, you're worried about all the things to be done. I understand. Don't worry. My concierge service for absentee sellers can handle just about anything you need!

I Sell All Vacant Edmonton Homes

Vacant Edmonton condo with sellers needing to sell their unoccupied home imageThere are many reasons Edmonton homes are vacant and need to be sold.

  • Relocation (government & corporate)
  • Estate sales
  • Tenant occupied
  • Investment homes
  • Medical reasons
  • Went on vacation and decided to stay

Absentee sellers of Edmonton homes are not few and far between. Let me take care of your vacant Edmonton home sale. My plan includes keeping your home spotless until the sale is complete.

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Listing and Selling Edmonton Homes - The Plan

First I'll drive by your property to give me an idea of location, condition and size so I can formulate a price range. I'll use the municipality tax records and comparable sales in the area. You can let me know condition of home and upgrades done or needed. If I have access with a key I will visit right away.

Together we'll come up with a listing price, I'll need keys and all listing agreement paperwork including required disclosures which can be digitally completed and signed by you.

I'll visit the home to measure, photograph, take notes and prepare for listing.

Your home is then listed on the MLS®. My internet marketing package will start and continue through the life of the listing agreement.Vacant Edmonton home with sellers needing to sell their unoccupied home image

Vacant homes can throw us a little curve ball every now and then. It's important that I visit the home regularly so we'll know about any problems sooner rather than later. It also gives me the opportunity to fluff and flush. I'll flush the toilets, pick up any garbage & debris, remove newspapers and make sure the house looks good and smells nice. 20 dead bugs in a room makes a buyer think the house has been abandoned for a long time and that to you means less dollars. Flushing the toilets not only cleans but keeps the plumbing operating. It's the little things that have the biggest impact. I'll visit regularly to keep this in check, make sure lights are turned off, windows closed & doors are locked. If you request, I’ll attend every single showing as I know for luxury properties, this is preferred. Alarms -no problem; all I need is clear instructions.

By the way. Although Edmonton is my primary market, I also sell on behalf of absentee owners in Morinville, St. Albert, Bon Accord, Gibbons, Sherwood Park, Ft Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove and Sturgeon County.


If you would like to know more or to get listed as soon as possible, contact me or call me direct at 780-242-5229.

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